Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce;

To meet the needs and expectations of our members with the understanding of quality service by prioritizing their interests, playing a leading role in the development of Kuşadası and it is a Public Institution Professional Organization established to fulfill the duties assigned by the legislation.


With a contemporary and innovative management approach, establishing strong ties between the member and the dynamics that shape the district, members representing the highest level, being one of Turkey's leading rooms.

Basic values

To protect the interests of our members by protecting their interests and to create conscious members.

To operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and Accreditation criteria.

To give importance to employee training to provide quality service.

Working for the benefit of individuals, especially in the sectoral sense, by working in the public interest.

To improve business efficiency by developing entrepreneurship.

While offering its services; to work with self-respect, respect for members, respect for employees and a corporate understanding sensitive to the environment.

To target 100% member satisfaction.

Basic Policies:

Our quality policy:

For the purpose of “bringing the members to the position of global actors” of our chamber, which is the opinion leader in its region;

To provide our services within the framework of Law No. 5174 and relevant legislation and TOBB Chamber Stock Accreditation Criteria, in line with the needs and expectations of our members, with a modern management approach that adopts the principles of transparency, impartiality and accountability, being a member of strong networks in the national and international arena and creating sectoral networks among our members,

To develop policies that will contribute to the development of our region and to engage in lobbying activities,

To take an active role in any platform to protect the rights and interests of our members,

To make any information needed by our members accessible,

Creating strong collaborations with our stakeholders,

To increase our corporate performance by improving the competencies of our employees,

and To continuously improve our quality infrastructure,

It is our quality policy.

Our Financial Management Policy:

The Chamber carries out activities to meet the needs of its members, to facilitate and develop its professional activities, to protect professional discipline, morality and solidarity and to provide services written in law no. It uses the sources of income specified in Law No. 5174 in the realization of these activities.

The tariffs regarding the services and dues provided are determined and announced by the Chamber Assembly according to the socio-economic conditions of the region before each fiscal year in line with the provisions specified in Law No. 5174.

The budget of the room is prepared and applied according to the efficiency, attitude principles and accounting period, taking into account the requirements of the plans and programs, benefits and cost factors.

Expenditures are planned according to the annual income (source) of the room. Within the framework of this plan, expenditures are regulated and resource-expenditure balance is provided.

Budget spending is made by the signature of the Chairman of the Board or his vice-president and the Secretary General or Treasurer. In the absence of the Secretary General, the signature of the Treasurer is sought instead of the secretary general.

Upon the proposal of the Board of Directors, the amount determined by the Assembly can be made by the General Secretary, provided that it is submitted for the approval of the board later.

Acting according to the Budget and Accounting Regulation, the chamber organizes accounting records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and uniform chart of accounts.

It adopts principles of transparency, efficiency, frugality, accurate and timely information in making room expenditures and collecting revenues.

To ensure transparency, to facilitate the control and management of financial resources and expenditures; regularly submits its financial reports to the Accounting Review Commission, relevant bodies and chamber members.

The Chamber establishes a system for protecting the value of these funds and using their effectiveness under the most appropriate conditions for the funds it needs and the funds it needs. The Chamber evaluates its assets as time deposits, liquid funds, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, government bonds, treasury bills, and repo. It is not allowed to make risky investments under the negative returns of cash deposits. It is insured against risks such as terrorist attack, fire, earthquake etc.

Our Human Resources Management Policy:

Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce, Human Resources practices compliant with legal regulations in order to plan the human resource, which is the most important source of our age, to recruit, assign, train and empower people by choosing the appropriate person for the appropriate job, to carry out performance management, career planning studies, to ensure career development, and to increase employee loyalty by increasing motivation. It adopts. It ensures a healthy flow of information, coordination and communication between units for the effectiveness of the applications.

Our chamber with this policy;

Preparing a professional and personal continuous development environment with in-service trainings,

Carrying out a wage policy in line with the responsibility, risk, experience and merit required by the job description,

To prioritize the corporate belonging and motivation of the employees,

To monitor employee performance regularly, to apply penalty-reward in line with its performance and to support open communication about it,

To consider employee suggestions and expectations,

Creating equal opportunities among employees,

To fully implement the laws and rules related to working life,

It undertakes to review and continuously improve its human resources policy.

Our Communication and Communication Policy:

To contribute to the economic and social development of its members and its region, with an understanding of service compatible with developing and changing conditions, open, transparent, honest, understandable, accommodating and unifying approach;

To the members, local administrations, business circles, non-governmental organizations and decision-makers, by using the opinions and suggestions of the Chamber, all the activities and projects carried out, all the activities provided by the technology and the electronic, written, visual and social media organs. to deliver effectively.

In line with this policy, the Chamber reaches its target group, especially its members;

(SMS) Short message,

Electronic mail,



Web page

Social media

Annual Activity Report

It uses press releases sent to all written, electronic and visual press organizations and agencies.

Our Information Technology Management Policy:

Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce; is to follow and implement continuous changes and innovations in order to develop its technological needs according to developing and changing world technologies.

Our main goal within the framework of this policy; to produce services with fast, effective and easily applicable technological systems.

To reduce the unnecessary workload and to provide speed and convenience to the operations by offering all kinds of technological infrastructure and services to our staff and members

Our Member Relations Management Policy:

Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce acts with the awareness that its members are the reason for our existence and places the management of member relations on this basic principle. With this consciousness; Chamber members can access the information they want in an accurate, complete, understandable and easy manner at any time. All our communication channels are open to you. Our chamber has a reliable identity in terms of protecting member information, accuracy of the information it produces, and using resources effectively. The complaints, demands and questions of the members about any issue are evaluated by the chamber without prejudice and fairness. The Chamber has made it a basic principle to increase the quality of the services it provides to the member. Established the QMS and Accreditation system and works are ongoing to ensure its continuity. Chamber Organ members and staff all act in accordance with the legislation and being aware of their duties defined in the Quality Management System. While solving the problems of the Chamber and our region from members, organ members and other channels; produces and implements solutions that are solution-oriented, fast, productive and applicable. It is extremely important to protect member data since the establishment of the Chamber. For this reason, personal data is always kept confidential. The Chamber always keeps the member's registry and registration information, financial information, statistical information and other system information up-to-date. The staff working with the managers in the administrative staff of the Chamber works within the framework of honest and ethical committees in accordance with business ethics. It has adopted the principle of increasing its good practices different from other Chambers.