• President of the Assembly: Mehmet Oğuz KABAÇAM
  • Vice President of the Assembly Suat KUTUCU
  • Assembly Man of Clerk: Mehmet GÜRBİLEK
  • President of the Board of Directors Serdar AKDOĞAN
  • Vice President of the Board of Directors: Nejad ÖZALP
  • Vice President of the Board of Directors: Bülent BAKYAZ
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Mahmut ÖZTAŞ
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Murat BORANALP
  • Member of the Board of Directors Namık Kemal DAYLAN
  • Member of the Board of Directors Haydar ERBAY
  • Member of the Board of Directors Müslüm YILDIRIM
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Mehmet Ali ÜSTÜN
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Cem ARSLAN
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Faik ALP
  • Member of the Assembly Mehmet GÜLER
  • Member of the Assembly Rıza ESEN
  • Member of the Assembly Nuri Ayhan ÖZKAN
  • Member of the Assembly Beşir FİDAN
  • Member of the Assembly Ayhan CANDAN
  • Member of the Assembly Ali Şah BULAN
  • Member of the Assembly Ümit YAMAN
  • Member of the Assembly Mehmet SARIDEDEOĞLU
  • Member of the Assembly Mustafa YETGİN
  • Member of the Assembly Müge DELGEN CEYLAN
  • Member of the Assembly Ali KAYA
  • Member of the Assembly Erdoğan KONUK
  • Member of the Assembly Vedat Ali TALMAÇ
  • Member of the Assembly Uğur ÖZLALE
  • Member of the Assembly Mustafa ALTINOK
  • Member of the Assembly Mustafa ULUSOY
  • Member of the Assembly Selami BAYRAKTAR
  • Member of the Assembly Necmettin ERSOY
  • Member of the Assembly Musa YILMAZ
  • Member of the Assembly Mustafa UÇAR
  • Member of the Assembly Suat ÖZDEMİR
  • Member of the Assembly Yılmaz ERGÜN
  • Member of the Assembly Melih CANBAZ
  • Member of the Assembly Sefa ZENGİN
Board of Directors
  • President: Serdar AKDOĞAN
  • Vice President: Bülent BAKYAZ
  • Vice President: Nejad ÖZALP
  • Board Member: Mahmut ÖZTAŞ
  • Board member (chamberlain): Murat BORANALP
  • Board Member: Namık Kemal DAYLAN
  • Board Member: Haydar ERBAY
  • Board Member: Müslüm YILDIRIM
  • Board Member: Mehmet Ali ÜSTÜN 
  • Board Member: Cem ARSLAN
  • Board Member: Faik ALP
  • Advisor to Board of the Directors: Didem BAŞDEMİR
  • General Secretary: Burhan SEZER
  • Accounting Officer: Akay TUNCAL
  • Trade Registration Officer: Türkan AKSOY
  • Assitant of Trade Registration Officer: Aygün AYDIN
  • Chamber Registration Officer: İsmail KURALAY
  • Chamber Registration Officer :Yeliz TOZ
  • Executive Secretary :Şeniz HACISALİHOĞLU
  • Coordinator of Information Technology :Dindar DİLEK
  • Press Agent :Özden DAĞTEKİN
  • Archive Officer :Seval ARSLAN
  • Internal Service Officer :Hülya GÜÇ


Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce, to achieve institutionalization without compromising the profession principals and the best service to our members with professional manner, providing the best service to all members of our chamber, to maintain professional ethics, developing all the time, wants to be a contemporary chamber. Kusadasi is a trademark of international for the national and international brand in the future who want to become a professional organization who aims to be the lead institution in the region.


Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce is a professional institution established as a public institution that try to develop all sectors of profession with an appropriate manner of general interest of our members, taking into consideration the interests of our members, conducting the relations between members and the state based on the impartial rule of law and improving business by organizing all these services according to law number 5174 and regulations on Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, improving competitiveness and meeting educational, social and cultural needs of our members .

The Chamber’s priority targets /2009-2013

  • Professional courses
  • Training for our members
  • Promotional activities that contribute to publicty of our region.
  • To give information to our members about the importance of chamber of commerce in busıness life with monthly magazine and web page.

  • Core Values at Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce

  • Taking into consideration the interests of our members, protect the interests of members and try to have conscious members
  • Operating according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard and accreditation criteria.
  • Giving importance on workers’ training to give quality service
  • While working for public bebefit, particularly in the sense of the sector, trying to have well trained individuals.
  • Trying to increase business efficiency by developing entrepreneurship.
  • Services, while the self-respect, respect for the members, employees with respect and understanding to work in a corporate environment-sensitive.
  • By providing its services, working in a sense of instituonal for self respect, respect for the members, respect for employees ve respest for corporate environment.
  • Targeting hundred percent satisfaction


  • In commercial life as a professional organization the service to its members
  • Understanding of ethical and legal framework
  • Sharing up do date and industry oriented information
  • By providing contributions on economic development of the area
  • While doing the best with employee and members satisfaction, doing leadership and
  • Complying with the requirements of quality Management, trying to maka continuous improvement.


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